If you are over 18 years old or above 16 and has your parental consent, you like sports, you are a fan of table tennis and you want to become part of the biggest sports event of Alicante-Elche history, then do not miss this opportunity.

Enter and take part as a volunteer at the World Veteran Championship of Table Tennis to be held in Alicante and Elche in May 2016.


To set up a formidable team, well prepared and plenty of illusion to implement all the activities related to the Event.

To provide an opportunity to every citizen from Alicante - Elche, or Spain and other countries, to live from inside this great sports event and to actively contribute to its success.

That our volunteers show the best image of Alicante - Elche and Spain, serving as the best ambassadors of our homeland.

Volunteering areas

- Information
- Competition
- Registration Office
- Safety and communications
- Formal events

Entry deadline

- 01/05/2014 until 01/02/2016 of


Volunteers will develop their activities in the places designated by the organizing committee to run the event, to be confined mostly to the events held in the "InstituciĆ³n Ferial Alicantina (IFA)".

A volunteer commits him/herself to

- Comply with the commitments acquired with the organizing committee, and respect the objectives and the regulations.
- Keep the confidentiality of any information acquired as a consequence of his/her activity.
- Reject any remuneration, either economical or as goods or services.
- Respect the rights of beneficiaries and to perform in a diligent and supportive manner.
- Take part in the training activities envisaged by the organizing committee.

WVC 2016 is committed with the volunteer to

- Provide the information, formation, support and, when needed, the material resources necessary to perform the functions assigned to him/her.
- Encourage their active participation in the organization, design, evaluation and programming of the tasks to perform.
- Provide an insurance policy covering the risks of personal injury or illness and third-party liability resulting from the exercise of his/her activity.
- Economically compensate for the costs arising from their activity as a volunteer.
- Provide an accreditation badge identifying his/her status as a volunteer.
- Provide adequate security and hygiene conditions in performing their activity.
- Be treated with respect, recognizing the social value of his/her contribution.

If you want to volunteer send an email to

[email protected]