It is a big honour for me to be part of this project, personally one big challenge after the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. To lead the table tennis organization in Barcelona'92 was a great experience for me and since then I try to apply it to all the projects in my professional life.

From the organizational field the goal is simply to emulate those successful Games, to set up new records. We would really like that these Championships last forever in the memories of all participants and guests. We know that this an arduous task but we work with all the enthusiasm and professionalism because we love our sport, we understand and we know what it means for all of you.

Alicante and Elche, the cities chosen to host the 2016 WVC are two examples of cities with deep Mediterranean roots. Both towns share their own values ​​and culture; both cities are open to modernity. Therefore, in addition to the competition itself, we also really believe that these cities and its surrounds can offer a special interest for all of you. From this Mediterranean character was born the logo used to represent the WVC 2016: a peculiar table tennis racket, the colours of the Spanish flag and the characteristic blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea.

We want to build, on the momentum of such a magnificent and important event, the "WVC2016 CLUB". This club is based on two basic aspects: the promotion of table tennis at national and especially regional level and the promotion of the tourism in the Costa Blanca, which Alicante and Elche are great exponents; by extension, of course, we welcome the promotion of our culture and the Mediterranean life style.

The values of table tennis ​​are related and applicable to different social agents in our environment such as institutions, companies and schools. To them a series of programs for the promotion of table tennis will be linked to the sport values ​​such as competitiveness, concentration, motivation, teamwork and friendship. With these programs we want to emphasize the table tennis social aspect and make it available to a major population.

On the other hand, we want the participants and their companions to get the maximum out of your visit. Because we have a rich and varied cultural, landscape and gastronomic heritage framed in a lifestyle that is another great value in itself: the Mediterranean lifestyle, its friendly, warm and hospitable people. In short, a social heritage worth to discover.

Therefore I think that these WVC Championships Alicante - Eiche 2016 will be a great event internationally. It is a great pleasure for me to invite the worldwide table tennis family to be part of this unique and unrepeatable event.

Do not forget to write it in your diary: 2016, 23 to 29 May, Alicante, Elche, World Veterans Champs.

Not to be missed!

Jordi Serra
CEO WVC 2016