Tabarca Island, situated some 11 nautical miles from the city of Alicante, is a prime example of Alicante's best beaches. It is the only inhabited island in the Valencian Community, although it is in fact more than just one island. It is a small archipelago comprising the islets of La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao.

The island's centre is surrounded by walls, which have led to the island being declared a site of cultural interest. It has also been declared a Mediterranean Marine Reserve due to the excellent quality of its water and the biodiversity of its fauna and flora.

Tabarca Island measures some 1,800m in length and 400m in width. In the past, its coasts were a refuge for Berber pirates and in the 18th century King Carlos III ordered that a town be built, where he housed various Genoese families who had been rescued from the Tunisian port of Tabarka.

There is a path around the entire island, and following it is an ideal way to visit the island, enjoy its scenery and watch the variety of marine birds that populate it.

Once on the island, its clean and crystal-clear water beaches are outstanding; both those with fine sand and rocky coves. The walled town is another must-see, where, after relaxing by the sea, you can delight in unique dishes that combine rice with products freshly-fished by the local fishermen, as well as the wellknown caldero dish.



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