Alicante and Elche are perfectly prepared to host the WVC 2016. The event will be staged in one of the most dynamic areas with the most favourable business and economic outlook on the Mediterranean Coast.

Primarily geared towards tourism and services, these two cities breathe state-of-the-art modernity while offering excellent connections to every corner of the globe.

The importance of tourism is reflected in the high percentage of passengers arriving on international flights, some 80% of the total influx. Visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands are regular guests to our shores.
The two cities are also linked to major cities in Spain through regular daily flights, a complete rail network of high velocity trains and an entire road network of motorways and highways.

In 2013, the International Airport of Alicante-Elche recorded airport traffic of almost 10 million users.

Alicante and Elche are the two most important cities on the Costa Blanca.

When we talk about the Costa Blanca, we are talking about the Mediterranean and its culture. We are talking about the beaches and enchanting coves. On the Costa Blanca modernity and tradition come together under a climate that is ideal for playing sports and socialising on the streets.

Under the intense light of the Costa Blanca, a rich artistic and cultural heritage has been preserved, to commemorate the great number of civilizations who have left their mark on these lands. This entire heritage can still be seen in its popular festivals, its rich Mediterranean gastronomy, its art, its cutting-edge modernity and a myriad of possibilities which cannot fail to inspire you.



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