Located between Alicante and Elche the InstituciĆ³n Ferial Alicantina IFA (Alicante Exhibition Institute) is one of Spain's major exhibition centres, where thousands of visitors from cutting edge sectors, such as the shoe, automotive, food, home furnishings and leisure industries, converge each year.

In addition to staging fairs and exhibitions, the IFA has developed into a multi-purpose space, hosting a wide range of events thanks to the following features:

-30.000 square metres of multiuse space divided between the two pavilions.
-Enough room to fit 230 Table Tennis tables for the WVC 2016.
-Extensive parking for 5000 cars.
-Restaurant service.
-Modern and functional facilities
-Ideal location: 5 minutes from the International Airport, 10 minutes from Alicante and 15 minutes from Elche.

The WVC 2016 facilities are a stone's-throw from everything - communication networks, beaches, shopping areas, monuments and leisure... the best place for the finest sport.

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